With these vapes, you can select the colour and even the sticker of your choosing. It features a great OLED screen that you can customise to show the battery health, brightness and the wattage, so you can set it between five and 80 watts with ease.

The tank has a great way of swivelling the top cap, so it slides to the side, revealing the hole to fill up an e-liquid. It securely swivels shut so you don’t have the hassle of attaching it, and twisting it as hard as you can to make sure its secure.

Instead of the battery being built in, you can swap it whenever you need to, by just unscrewing a cap beside the tank. Buying it from some places will require you to purchase the battery separately, so make sure you’re buying it from an authorised seller. This can help for those times where a charging cable just can’t be used, and you can just pop in a fresh battery.

From loading it all up and firing the coil, it was incredibly easy to use, and even though the plus and minus buttons are slightly on the small side to adjust, it’s great for an upgrade purchase if you’re looking around.